Out-of-gauge consignments

Out-of-gauge and / or special are consignments:

  • With increased dimensions in width and/or height over the one prescribed for the route ordered.
  • With a location of the centre of gravity requiring special measures for safety, with an axle overload or with an overload per linear meter for the route planned.
  • Located on two or more wagons equipped with rotating back axles that are not linked with a screw coupling or an intermediate wagon.
  • Linked together flexible load units (concrete iron, etc.) longer that 36 meters.
  • Unlinked flexible load units longer than 36 m loaded on several wagons without rotating back axles.
  • Consignments transported with wagons whose construction does not meet the prescriptions of the international regulations.
  • Consignments with overloading en route and weighing over 25 t or if they are loaded on a low-floor wagon.
  • Consignments for transportation by ferry that are subject to special requirements.
  • Railway vehicles on their own wheels with the RIV or RIC sign.
  • Loaded wagons with more than 8 axles even if they have the RIV sign.

Out-of-gauge consignments are allowed for carriage only under special technical and operational conditions, with a preliminary demand for agreement by the forwarding railway administration. In dispatches from Bulgaria, the demand for agreement is issued by the Headquarters of BDZ EAD, Freight Directorate, on the forwarders order, within 1 month after ordering. The consent of the railway administrations is usually valid from 3 months to 1 year at the most for the agreed number of identical consignments. Because of the occurring special operational difficulties, the delivery term for these consignments is not guaranteed.

The data necessary for the agreement on the out-of gauge (special) consignment must be the following:
/1а/ Type of the goods /1b/ Number of identical consignments
/2/ Type of the wagon /3/ Distance between the central bolts
/4/ Interaxle spacing of the bogie /5/ Number of axles.
/6/ Length of the wagon from buffer to buffer /7/ Wagon tare.
/8/ Weight of the goods /9/ Weight per linear meter
/10/ Maximum axle load /11/ Length of the goods

The price for the carriage of out-of-gauge (special) goods on the BDZ network is calculated for the particular distance according to the tariff, observing the general rules for wagon consignments and is increased by 100 % (with coefficient 2).

If the out-of-gauge consignment is transported with a special train, the price for its carriage is calculated for the real weight of the out-of-gauge consignment but at least for 100 000 kg, observing the general rules of the tariff for wagon consignments, increased by 200 % ( coefficient 3 ).

If the out-of-gauge consignment is transported not along the short route but along a round route, the price for the transport is calculated for the real carriage distance, observing the general rules for wagon consignments and is increased by 100 % ( coefficient 2 ), provided the transportation of the goods along a round route was coordinated with the forwarder and the round route is shown in the consignment note.

The manner of loading must not endanger either the goods or the operational safety. The wagons transferred for loading must not undergo any changes. The forwarder bears responsibility for all damages incurred either during the loading, re-loading or repairing the consignment, or due to neglect by the accompanying staff en route.



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