Tariff Europe - Asia


Tariff Europe Asia

Parties to this tariff are the following railways:

  1. Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ EAD),
  2. SNTFM “CFR Marfa" S.A. (CFR Marfa)
  3. Syrian railways (CFS)
  4. Albanian railways (HSH)
  5. Iraqi Republic Railways (IRR)
  6. Railways of the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonian (MZ Transport AD)
  7. Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran (RAI)
  8. Turkish railways (TCDD)
  9. Hellenic railways (TRAINOSE)
  10. Railways of the Republic of Montenegro (ZCG)
  11. Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZFBH)
  12. Railways of Republic of Srpska S.A. (ZRS)
  13. Serbian Railways (ZS)

The Tariff applies on direct freight traffic between the participating countries and transit traffic through their territories on the basis of the following documents:

  • The Uniform Rules Concerning the Contract for International Carriage of Goods by Rail (CIM);
  • The instructions and provisions of the present Tariff;
  • The instructions and provisions of the internal tariffs of the railway administrations concerned, in so far as they do not contradict the Uniform Rules Concerning the Contract for International Carriage of Goods by Rail (CIM) and the above-mentioned other regulations and provisions.

The Tariff remains open for any other railway administration, provided it accepts its provisions.

Announcements related to the Tariff of Holding BDZ EAD are published in the web site of Holding BDZ EAD www.bdz.bg.

The official language of the Tariff is French and communication between member railways on tariff issues shall take place only in French.

Amendments and supplements to the Tariff are published by the Leading Railway administration not later than 15 days before their entry into force.

The transport prices and additional charges shown in this tariff are in EURO. Goods handed over for transportation with one consignment note are considered as one consignment. The transport price is calculated separately for each consignment. The charging depends on:

  • The nature of the goods /the class of the goods/;
  • Weight of the consignment;
  • Type of wagon provided;
  • Transport distance, for which the tariff is applied.

The minimum chargeable weight is 5 000 kg per axle for the wagon used.

The transport price is calculated according to the single unite price provided in the Table with the single unit prices in Part III for each railway administration and for the different classes and provisional weights.

The transport costs /transport prices and the prices of the additional services/ shall be paid by the customer in Bulgarian lev (BGN) according to the exchange rate announced by the Bulgarian National Bank on the day of:

  • conclusion of the relevant contract of carriage at the forwarding station;
  • arrival of the consignment at the receiving station;
  • crossing the exit border station for transit consignments.



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