Domestic transports and import/export transports through ports

Prices and conditions for carriage of goods in domestic traffic shall be calculated in accordance with the Unified Tariff for Carriage of Goods (ETPT), where the single unit prices are provided in a table in EUR/ton for particular distance, tariff class and property of the wagon. The minimum chargeable weight shall be defined according to the wagon used, respectively for transports with BDZ wagons and foreign railway-owned wagons – a minimum chargeable weight of 7,5 t per axle, for transports with private wagons and transports through Varna feribotna – the transport prices shall be calculated for a minimum weight of 5 tons per axle.  

Prices for carriage of goods in intermodal transport units (UTI) are provided in Section IV of the Unified Tariff for Carriage of Goods (ETPT).

Consignment note model KPM-T shall be used for domestic transports.

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