Documents required by BDZ Cargo for carriage of goods in domestic traffic:

A 48-hour preliminary request for loading of wagons (containers) and carriage by rail (form).

Consignment note model KPM-T

The consignment note model KPM-T consists of five parts with the following designation:

  • Sheet 1 – Original of the consignment note (Part I) – for the consignee;
  • Sheet 2 -  Waybill /Part II/ - for the carrier in the receiving station;
  • Sheet 3 – Note of reception /Customs /Part III/ - for the customs or the carrier in the station of destination, in cases where the consignments are not under customs control;
  • Sheet 4 – Duplicate of the consignment note /Part IV/ - for the consignor;
  • Sheet 5 – Counterfoil of the expedition /Part V/ - for the carrier in the forwarding station.
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